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hii this is my first post. actually i don't know what i'm typing right now for this post lol. i just feel bored, so i blogging =))xx
okay back to the topic. well, first i want to explain about my self
my name is alli michelle simpson  no.. no. it's just joking. kay, my name is azka amanda kirana. you can call me azka or amanda or anything you want :))
i was born in jakarta, 6th november 1998.

this is me when i was a baby. isn't cute guys? lol 
and this is me when i was 5th years old

it's a cute huh? isn't it? ya.. childhood. ya... i miss that moment when i was had many cupcakes, candys, toys, and barbies :9
am i say barbie ?? aahh thats my favorite doll. even though, when i was a little girl i dreaming about my future boyF or my future Hubbie is looks like Ken (barbie's boyF) hahaha
well.. this is me..

i'm 14th years old.
its a diffrent when you look at my pic when i was a baby until when i'm 14th years old
actually i'm still 13th but in this year i growing to 14th. hahaha

whats now?
aaaahh i know.. yesterday i saw the TTWW in twitter are #10factsaboutme
wait.. wait.. am i talking about twitter? so.. follow me please @amadazkaa
or you can follow me on tumblr: xoxo☮

okay sorry, back to the topic. 
what i talking about 5secs ago?
whoaa i see.. i talking about the #10factsaboutme
#1st i just teenager who love tumblring, youtube-ing, googling, facebooking, twittering, etc 
#2nd i really love chocolate
#3rd i just broke up with my boyf 4 weeks ago. yaa.. i still can't moving on. but now i'm in love with someone in other school he's a leader of organization from his school. but i still can't moving on with my ex. yaa.. i think i still uhukk. sorry i can't explain about my feeling {}xx 241011 i miss that all the happy moment when me and him together :')
#5th i love all my best friends.
would you like to know them? 
1. Aida Audina Rahmanisa

i love her so muchh. when i feel sad or happy she's right next to me. she's so kind :) and she's just broke up with her boyF. ya.. now, she's feel so sad and she's can't still moving on.. (HAHAHAHAHAHA.. me too -__-) i think she's galau now. galau is mean sad of no reason or feelin sad about something,That's what we call it in Indonesian. follow her on twitter @aidaaudinarah
2. yara Halifah
her real name is Mutiara Halikfah.. hold on.. i mean Mutiara Halifah ( #justJoke #nohate :p). okay she was born in... okay i forgot about it -___- she's look like bellatrix in harry potter oh no i mean madison pettis. she's have a boyF. ya she's a Long Distance Relationship with her boyF. she's so kind too. everytimes when me and my friends are chillin she's made a joke as well. follow her on twitter @yayaraaa
3. febrina Dyah

specially for febrina i use in bahasa to language XP. ini temen gue yang paling gokilzzz. gak kalah gokil nya sama si yara. panggilan akrabnya sih mpeb. giginya ada kabelnya di tengah2 keren kan? xD i mean she is wear braces. dia termasuk orang yang susah move on termasuk kayak gue gitu. tp katanya sekarang dia udah move on. follow her on twitter @mppeeebb
4. Nanda Muldayvi

she's so very very kinddd.. she's who know all of my secret all of my tears and all of things about me. actually me and her just a friend in my class. yea we always sharing about anything like music, movie and blablabla.. follow her on twitter @muldayvi12

5. Fira Puspasari

okay i speak in bahasa again. dia ini anaknya manja. apalagi sama pacarnya xDVV apalagi ya.. dia yang paling rempong sama yang namanya kena sinar matahari. tapi gitu2 anaknya baikkkkk :)) follow her on twitter @firapuspa

6. Syifa audita and Ethaliana Yolanda 
follow them on twitter @syipasif and @yolaiueo
7. i love all the people who knows me 
#6th i don't like fakers.. i think the fakers are liar  
#7th i don't like spicy food
#8th actually i'm cody simpson's girlF.. haha lol. i think it just my dream to his girlF. yea, i'm the biggest fan of Cody Simpson.
#9th and I'M THE BIGGEST FAN OF NICKI MINAJ!!! yeahh \m/
#10th this is me if you don't know more fact about me don't judging me =))

so.. are you single??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh* me too.. -____-
okay i think it's enough.. i'm so tired for typed this post. i just post what i like and just typed what i think ;;)
see you next time in my new post. byeee =)) #PeaceAndLove☮♥

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